Bleakhouse Primary School aims to work together with parents in order to ensure the achievement of high levels of attendance and punctuality for all pupils.


The information on this page should be read in conjunction with the Attendance Policy below:

Recognising Good Attendance

The school will employ a number of strategies to promote regular, punctual attendance:
▪ the Headteacher and class teachers will communicate regularly with parents on attendance matters;
▪ appropriate personal encouragement or congratulation will be offered to individual children;
▪ individual children will receive awards for annual 100% attendance;
▪ Attendance Certificate is awarded to the class with highest attendance each week.
▪ The class with the highest attendance over each half term has a non-uniform day in the last week of the half term.

Parents' Responsibilities

• Parents have a legal duty to ensure that children of compulsory school age attend on a regular
and full-time basis,
• Parents should ensure that if their child is to be absent from school for any unavoidable reason
such as sickness they should contact the school as soon as possible by phone, letter or in person,
• Parents may not authorise their child’s absence- only the Headteacher can do this on the basis
of the explanation provided by the parents/carers. (Should parents fail to provide a satisfactory
reason for their child’s absence the school will record such absence as unauthorised.),
• Parents should ensure that their child arrives at school in time for the start of registration
(8:50a.m.). If a child arrives after 9:00a.m. they need to report to the school office.

Schools' Responsibilities

• The school will record and monitor attendance in accordance both with the statutory requirements and with the principle that regular, uninterrupted attendance is vital to a child’s educational progress,
• Registers will be called twice daily (at 8:50a.m. and at 1:00p.m. for Key Stage 1 and 1:30p.m. for Key Stage 2). Nursery registers are taken at the start of each session. Registers will close at 9:30a.m. Any child arriving after the closing of the register will be recorded as ‘late’ for that session.

The Senior Deputy will regularly collect attendance data and will use this data during meetings including Full Governor Meetings.

Current Attendance 09/05/2022 to 13/05/2022

Class Percentage Attendance
6P 98.7%
6M 97.7.%
5J 93.9%
5S 92.2%
4W 94.7%
4S 89.0%
3M 97.0%
3H 92.5%
2DB 93.2%
2C 91.5%
1W 94.3%
1T 82.3%
RD 94.1%
RM 92.0%
All Day Nursery 86.4%
AM Nursery 79.7%
PM Nursery 88.6%

Weekly Whole School Attendance - 09/05/2022 to 13/05/2022


Whole School Attendance - 06/09/2021 to 13/05/2022


Attendance Award winners for last Half Term - Spring Term

2DB - As a reward all pupils can come to school in non-school uniform on Thursday 17th February 2022

Congratulations 2DB!

Attendance Award Winners for Second Half of Autumn Term

4W - As a reward all pupils can come to school in non-school uniform on Friday 17th December 2021.

Congratulations 4W!

Attendance Award Winners for First Half of Autumn Term:

4W - As a reward all pupils can come to school in non-school uniform on Wednesday 20th October 2021.

Congratulations 4W!

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