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Meet Our Team

Head Teacher


Quality of Education, Behaviour and Attitudes, Extended Schools, Stakeholder Views, Financial Leadership, Monitoring, Evaluation and Review, Staffing, School Improvement, Performance Management, Deputy Designated Senior Person for Child Protection, Health and Safety.

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs. R. Soudani

Teaching Assistant Manager, MDS Manager, Inclusion and Well-being Manager, Assessment Management, Manage Exam Invigilation, CPD, SENCo, ITT Mentor, BSQM, LAC, Designated Senior Person for Child Protection, SPOC

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs. E. McGahey

Deputy Designated Senior Person for Child Protection

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs. A. Martin

KS2 Lead, Curriculum Development, Teaching, Learning and Assessment, English and P.E.


Key Stage 2

Mrs. F. Parker - 6P

Maths, Curriculum Development.

Miss. E. Matthews - 6M

Curriculum Development.

Miss. C. Jones - 5J

Curriculum Development.

Mr. A. Steventon - 5S

Curriculum Development.

Mr. J. Styles - 4S

Curriculum Development.

Mrs. C. Dale/Mrs. S. Wilkinson - 4W

Curriculum Development.

Miss. J. Cutler - 3C

Curriculum Development.

Miss. G. McNaughton - 3M

Curriculum Development.


Key Stage 1

Miss. M. Wall - Hedgehog Class

Key Stage 1 Lead, Curriculum Development.

Mr. M. Halliday - Owl Class

Curriculum Development.

Mrs. D. Gall - Fox Class

Curriculum Development.

Miss. R. Piper - Robin Class

Curriculum Development.


Early Years

Mrs. L. Piddock - Nursery Classes

EYFS Lead, Curriculum Development.

Mrs. J. Mullett - Rabbit Class

Curriculum Development.

Mrs. I. Dean - Squirrel Class

Curriculum Development.



Miss. C. Preston

Teaching Assistants

Mrs. C. Atkins Mrs . L. Baker Mrs. T. Ball
Mrs. D. Beardmore Mrs. J. Beatty Mrs. J. Bright
Mrs. L. Chatwin Mrs. R. Clee Miss. J. Crofts
Mrs. K. Elwell Mrs. F. Holloway Mrs. J. Kular
Miss. L. McLoughlan Miss. Z. Nickless Mrs. T. Pritchard
Mrs. J. Snookes Mrs. B Suknain

Family Support Worker

Miss. A. Jones

Breakfast/After School Club

Mrs. J. Casey

Wrap Around Club Manager

Mrs. R. Bugum

After School Club Assiatant

Midday Supervisors

Mrs. J. Bright - Principal

Key Stage 2

Mrs. T. Fisher - Senior

Key Stage 2

Mrs. A. Bradley - Principal Midday Supervisor

Key Stage 1 and Early Years

Mrs. A. Cerritelli Mrs. G. Harrison Ms. E. Holland
Miss. N. Hussain Mrs. E. Sheppard Mrs. J. Preedy
Ms. K. Lee Mrs. H. Rahman Mrs. E. Sheppard

School Office

Mrs. L. Mills - School Business Manager

Mrs. M. Kavanagh - Administrator

Mrs. S. Millward - Administrator

Mrs . S. Rose - Administrator

Site Staff

Mr. W. Wilkinson - Site Manager

Mrs. G. Farrier - Caretaker

Mrs. S. Taylor - Cleaner in charge

Mrs. A. Grigdrjeva-Iljina - Cleaner

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