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If you would prefer a paper copy of the policies below

If you would prefer a paper copy of the policies below.pdf

Accessiblility Action Plans 2020.

Accessiblility Action Plans 2020.docx

Admissions booklet 2020 2021

Admissions booklet 2020 2021.pdf

Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy.pdf

Anti Bullying Policy

2020 Anti Bullying Policy.pdf

Attendance Policy

2020 Attendance Policy.pdf

Behaviour Management Policy

2020 Behaviour Management Policy.pdf

Calculation Policy

Bleakhouse Calculation Policy (1).pdf

CCTV policy

2020 CCTV policy.doc

2020 Charging and Remission Policy

2020 Charging and Remission Policy.pdf

Child Anti Bullying Policy

2020 Child Anti Bullying Policy.pdf

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy.pdf

Collective worship and RE policy

Collective worship and RE policy.pdf

Computing and E Safety policy 1

Computing and E Safety policy 1.pdf

Community Cohesion Policy

2020 Community Cohesion Policy.pdf

Complaints Policy

2020 Complaints Policy.pdf

Confidentiality Policy

2020 Confidentiality Policy.pdf

Costed Intervention Map

2020 Costed Intervention Map.pdf

Curiculum Policy

2020 Curiculum Policy.pdf

Data Protection policy

Data Protection policy Bleakhouse version 2.pdf

Digital safety during COVID 19 SMBC

Digital safety during COVID 19 SMBC.pdf

Drug policy

2019 Drug policy.pdf

Equality Objectives Review 2020.

Equality Objectives Review 2020.docx

Equal Opps and Racial Equal Policy

2020 Eq Opps and Racial Equal Policy.pdf

Health and Safety Policy

2019 Health and Safety Policy.pdf

Home Learning Policy

2020 Home Learning Policy.pdf

Freedom of Information Policy

Freedom of Information Policy Sept 2020 pdf.pdf

Homework Policy

Homework Policy (2).pdf

Inclement Weather Policy

2020 Inclement Weather Policy.pdf

Jigsaw PSHE Policy

2020 Jigsaw PSHE Policy.pdf

Local Offer

BPS Local Offer Sept 20.pdf

Mobile Phone Policy

2019 Mobile Phone Policy (1).pdf

Parents Use of Social Media

2020 Parents Use of Social Media.pdf

Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy

2020 Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy.pdf

Privacy Notice

Schools Privacy Notice .pdf

2020 BPS Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

2020 BPS Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.doc

Privacy notice Pupils

School Privacy notice Pupils December .pdf

Bleakhouse Primary Progression Book

Bleakhouse Primary Progression Book.pdf

Remote Learning Policy

Remote Learning Policy.pdf

Remote Learning

Remote Learning.pdf

Responsible Internet Use

Responsible Internet Use.pdf

Safeguarding Policy - addendum

2020 addendum Safeguarding Policy.docx

SEN A Guide for Parents

SEN A Guide for Parents.pdf

SEN Information Report

19 20 SEN Information Report.pdf

Special Needs and Inclusion Policy


Serial and Persistent Complainants Policy

2020 Policy for Serial and Persistent Complainants.pdf

SRE policy

2020 SRE policy.pdf

Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy

2020 Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy.pdf

Using Photographic Images of Children Policy

2020 Using Photographic Images of Children Policy.pdf

Risk Assessment January 2021

Risk Assessment January 2021.pdf

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